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Nexon Corporation is a Korean based online video game developer company, which was formed in 1994. The corporation has a great name in the gaming industry. Nexon is without a doubt a pioneer in introducing graphics MMORPG. After introducing MMORPG, Nexon bought forward the idea of indulging virtual cash into its games.

The NEXON Cash system was one of the first systems to use the Virtual Asset Sales (VAS). The NEXON Cash system authorizes users to purchase NX with real money. The NX can be used to obtain virtual game items that other users normally wouldn’t have. Players can use this virtual cash to buy items for their characters in games and personalized them according to their will.

This virtual cash was initially named Nexon Cash (NX). NX is an imaginary currency used for Nexon’s games by the users to avail and enjoy a wide range of entertainment. Later NX was split into two parts, NX Credit (such as Pay Pal), which has some limitations to some items that cannot be purchased, or can be purchased later at a higher level, and NX Prepaid, which has no limitations which allows you to avail all and any item that pleases you.

Many people are confusing Nexon Cash with real money, which is not the reality. And gamers need to keep in mind that they can’t trade through real money in Nexon’s games it is not allowed. All you need to do is too visit the official website and get into Cash shop where they can redeem their points and buy items, such as clothes, pets, stores, experience cards or a cool effect. Remember NX cash requires either a Pay pal account or a credit card.

The advantage of Nexon cash for its user is boundless; by this Nexon cash they can purchase items of their choice and can perfectly relate to the game. It provides them to dress and customize their game character according to their own choice of styling, which is not possible for those who do not posses Nexon cash. With Nexon cash the game definitely is more fun and entertaining.

Free NX Cash Generator

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What you will need:

  • A computer that can extract .zip files (All windows computers can, if you have problems download 7zip here)
  • NxCashGenerator.zip (The program is inside)
  • A brain (Important ;) )


Step One: Open Program (IMPORTANT: Remember to Run as Administrator)

Step Two: Click on "Generate"

Step Three: Enjoy your Free NX Code!

> Nexon Cash Generator v3.0

File Name: Nexon Cash Generator v3.0.zip

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