Conquer Online 2.0 Bot v3.0

  • Requirements:

    - .NET Framework  2.0

    - Toggle Speed Hack ON/OFF (Label Showing ON/OFF Status)
    - Never ending Speed Hack
    - Non DC (Never Disconnect)

    - Download, Run exe, select the client u want to use it on, then toggle ON/OFF

    - Download, Extract, Right Click exe and click run as administrator.., Run conquer, toggle Speed Hack ON/OFF


Conquer Online 2.0 Bot Features:

  • Easy and Simple UI
  • Advanced Waypoint System – Easily create paths for grinding, resource gathering, travel, and death
  • Fast and efficient gathering system
  • Smart AI with Antistuck, Auto Stuck Detection, Logout, Skipping looting upon full inventory
  • Blacklist NPCs
  • Full Background Mode – Browse the Web, play a a game, or watch a movie while you bot
  • Aggro Detection – Detects if you are attacked and handles adds
  • Automates repeatable coin quests
  • Auto Log Off in the case of a GM teleport
  • Automatically stop botting if being followed by players
  • Recovery System – Buff, Heal, Rest, Use Bandages & Potions
  • Compatible on Infinite Aion
  • Compatible on other Private Servers
  • Works with Every Class
    Conquer Online Multi-Hack Change Log 2.56
    - Bypass AutoPatch (Run Conquer.exe Directly)
    - Multi-Client
    - Removed Anti-Virus/Spyware scanner
    - Removed Chat Filter
    - Removed Chat Tips
    - Removed Website Popup

    Conquer 2.0 Manager.rar:
    - Launch Conquer directly (No Autopatch/play.exe)
    - Launch Conquer in the desired resolution

    Conquer Online Bot v5.0.9

    Conquer Online 2.0 Without Auto-Patch v3.0

    CO Multiple Client and ItemType v2.8

    HackSpeed -- Increases autoattack rate (New)

    VersionHack 1.9 -- Jump Boost, Attack Speed Increase, Underwater Walk

    CO2Climb v2.0 -- Modify your speed and GM port around an area

    Multi-mod Pack -- increased range of NPC titles, frameless window, zoom, etc

    Full Nude Patch -- Makes all characters totally nude.

    Wallhack -- Wallhack for Conquer Online, you can see through things with this.

    ConquerAlert -- HP Alerter, tells you other player's Health when you get targetted(pvp)

    CO2Hackz -- Mega Hack for Conquer Online Private servers

    Conquer Online Master Hack -- Walk through walls, jump high, to name a few

    Hack-multi -- Jump really high and Glide.

    Craft hack -- Craft items out of your skill range

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    - Download the file, extract the rar file, copy the Conquer.exe into your "Conquer 2.0" directory (replace existing file)

Thats it, Enjoy!